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Metin2 - Tutoriale, resurse, servere, discutii si multe altele.

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Description NPC's

Vote for Coins
The option Vote for Coins have been updated! 15 TOP SITES. Date Update: 20/03/2016!
At the register, every account get 10 Coins.
Vote for Coins added, 2 Coins per Vote!
We wish you to have a good play!

Server was opened on date of 20/03/2016.
30% discount on every donation! Paypal Form.

Drop: 200x

Yang: 250x

Yang x2: 100x

Experience: 300x

English server! PvM - PvP.
Max: Level: 145
Professional Staff -> for any problems please contact the support!
BACKUP 1/h to dont have any problem about hackers!
The Server have 99% fixed bugs-> if you find another please let us know at support!
We hope to like our server!
The staff team will take care of any, anytime.
Let your friends know about our Server!
Prices from Item-Shop are for every pocket!


Collect votes and be the winner!

Register to accumulate votes through your profile link.

First 5 players who will garner 500 votes will get 1000 Dragon Coins [BONUS].
All participants who have accumulated at least 20 votes will receive100 Dragon Coins.



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